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LifeHikes® brings world-class communication training to the palm of your hand, empowering you to improve your skills anytime, anywhere. Practice your presentation and get immediate feedback, tips, and expert coaching guidance to instantly become a more confident, compelling communicator.

Through a powerful combination of AI technology, our proven coaching methodology, video exercises, and personalized benchmarking data, LifeHikes helps you improve your delivery in a fast, effective, and engaging way.

LifeHikes Reports

How It Works

As soon as you log in to the app, you’ll choose your own expert Coach to guide you through your learning journey. Then, you’ll record a quick, 1-2 minute video to get a baseline assessment of your skills. Once you’ve saved your “before” video, simply follow one of our guided lessons to focus on a specific skill set, film yourself equipped with new techniques, and immediately see improvement on your benchmark. 

Each guided lesson includes several quick, interactive exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere. Only have a few minutes? Try a quick practice round and see how you do! Got 20 minutes? Complete an entire lesson and track your progress in your LifeHikes Benchmark report. Whenever you finish an activity or record a practice video, you’ll gain access to bonus tips and coaching videos while you wait for your assessment. At the end of each exercise, you’ll also get personalized language and voice modulation tips to immediately improve your skills. 

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LifeHikes® directly integrates with Own The Room® training programs, combining world-class, instructor-led training with human-centered learning technology, to assist professionals in the continued development of their communication and presentation skills.

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